World’s Most Powerful Computer-Mac Studio

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World’s Most Powerful Computer-Mac Studio

So we have evolved in computers over the years. We have used many different brands of computers. Today we are going to talk about World’s Most Powerful Computer. So this is Apple’s Mac Studio.


We all know that Apple machines are often used by people in a professional environment. You will often find professionals using Apple brands such as the iMac or MacBook. Now Apple has developed a powerful machine which is named Mac Studio. So as it has “studio” in its name, this product clearly states that this product is for a studio environment.

This machine is a next-level powerful machine. And this makes possible because Apple developed “M1” and “M2” chips. And besides, the hardware and software is Apple’s own, so it makes for a perfect combination. First came the “M1” chip and this chip the configuration was slightly enhanced and named “M One Pro”.This chip was further upgraded and named “M One Max”. This Mac Studio machine has an “M One Max” chip installed۔ Infect Apple has combined two “M1 chips” to further upgrade this chip and named it “M1 Ultra”. The Mac Studio comes with an “M1 Max” or “M1 Ultra” chip.

Mac Studio has “128 GB RAM” RAM. It has “4 TB of storage”

Chip Configuration

If we tell you about the specification of “M One Max” chip, it has “10 Core – CPU”, “Up to 32 GB – GPU”, 16 Core – Neural Engine” and it has 400 GBPS Memory Speed” While in the M1 Ultra chip you will see double specifications of the “M1 Max”. So it has “20 Cores – CPU”, “Up to 64GB – GPU”, “32 Core – Neural Engine” and in this chip you will get “800 Gbps – Memory width”.

Price Approximately

You will get the price of this machine according to the different variants. If you tell the Apple company to make a “Mac Studio” with all the specifications in it, then its price will be around 7000$ to 8000$.

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