Jordan’s new currency has several enhanced security features

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Jordan’s new currency has several enhanced security features

The Central Bank of Jordan has announced that a new JD1 banknote featuring enhanced security features and the national bird of Jordan, the Sinai rosefinch, has been released into circulation.

This new banknote symbolizes a significant development in the nation’s mission to modernize and strengthen its currency. The inclusion of the Sinai rosefinch on the banknote is a fitting tribute to the beauty and cultural significance of this iconic species in Jordan.

The Central Bank of Jordan will release a series of newly designed banknotes starting with the JD1 banknote. The fifth release of national banknotes will feature fresh JD5, JD10, JD20, and JD50 notes. The new JD1 bill includes improved security measures to combat counterfeiting.

The new JD1 bill has several enhanced security features to help prevent counterfeiting. It’s include a watermark of Sheriff Hussein Bin Ali. Which is visible when the bill is held up to the light, and a hidden denomination that is revealed. A protective thread, which appears as a thin line when held up to the light. The thread is also visible on the back of the bill. The bill also has a holographic patch that changes color when you tilt the bill.

In addition, the bill has raised ink and it reveals a line you can feel by touching. Its ,providing a tactile element to the design. These features, combined with traditional anti-counterfeiting measures such as intricate designs and detailed printing. It help to make the JD1 bill a more secure and reliable currency.,

The new design of the bill includes the Sinai rosefinch, the national bird of Jordan, causing confusion and raising questions among the public, according to local media reports.

The Sinai rosefinch, renowned for its rosy hue, Jordan selected the bird as its national bird, due to its resemblance to the red sandstone found in Petra.

According to Arab tradition, Petra is a sacred site with significant religious history. The people there believe that where Moses struck a rock with his Asa (Miraculous Cane), causing water to flow forth, where is the grave of Hazrat Haroon (peace be upon him).

The Sinai rosefinch is an extraordinary bird. The bird known for its striking coloring and unusual living habits. Despite its preference for areas with little vegetation, it is able to thrive by traveling long distances in search of water.

News Jordan’s new currency has several enhanced security features

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