India banned ‘Sevak: The Confessions’

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‘Sevak: The Confessions’

India banned ‘Sevak: The Confessions’. The Indian government has taken steps to protect its national security by banning both the Pakistani web series ‘Sevak: The Confessions’ and the streaming website ( In a notification issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, it was asserted that ‘Sevak: The Confessions had some content which was deemed to be against India’s national security and defence.

India bans Pakistani web series

The government stated that the web series attempted to portray Hinduism in a negative light, by depicting the killing of Christians, the massacre of Sikhs, and the violence and cruelty against Muslims.

In order to ensure the safety of its citizens, the government has decided to ban the series, as well as the website, to protect the integrity of India’s national security.

The Indian government reports that the Pakistani web series has tried to depict a narrative of Hindus oppressing other religions in India, including the killing of Christians, the massacre of Sikhs, and violence and cruelty against Muslims. Additionally, the web series has also depicted the bombing of the Samjhauta Express, the martyrdom of the Babri Masjid and other similar incidents as being caused by Hindus, which could have a detrimental effect on India’s national security and defense. We hope to continue our friendly relationship with Pakistan despite this narrative.

The Indian government has blocked the Pakistani web series ‘Sevak: The Confessions’ and its OTT platform from being viewed in India. This action was taken in accordance with the Information Technology laws and was due to the anti-India content displayed in the three episodes released so far.

NDTV reported that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting also blocked the application of the Pakistani streaming website in India. We hope that this friendly reminder of the regulations will ensure that such content is not viewed in India.


The web series, written by Saji Gul and directed by Anjum Shahzad, has quickly gained popularity due to its compelling story and heart-wrenching subject matter. It stars Mohsin Abbas Haider, Hajra Yameen, Neer Ejaz, Adnan Jafar and Amara Malik, and tells the story of the oppression of minorities in India by the Hindu majority.

In Short

Friendly and engaging, the web series delves into the plight of minorities in India and how they are oppressed by the Hindu-majority state, and how Sikhs, Christians and Muslims have been massacred. The series is gaining popularity in countries near and far, including Pakistan, for its thought-provoking plot-line.

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