Imran Ashraf talked about his life after divorce

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Imran Ashraf talked about his life after divorce in the Express TV Talk Talk Show

Imran Ashraf who gained fame for his portrayal of “Bhola” in the drama serial, “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”. The actor has also appeared in popular shows like “Alif Allah Aur Insan” “Lashkara” and “Dil Lagi”.

The actor has recently announced his divorce, but they have commitment to co-parenting their son Roham and ensuring his well-being.

Recently Imran Ashraf was invited in Express TV “The Talk Talk Show” . He shared some insights with show host Hassan Choudary into what his life has been like following his divorce.

Imran Ashraf stated, “I may have said that we are going through a difficult phase in the video, but I want to emphasize that there is no negativity in our lives. My wife and I are taking care of our son Roham together, and he is my life’s biggest priority. I always strive to ensure that nothing I say could have a negative impact on my son’s opinion of me in the future. I am committed to upholding my values and principles, no matter the circumstances. As parents, we are currently going through a difficult period. It’s a tough time for us, and I am asking for your prayers for my son, Kiran, and me.

Imran Ashraf care about his son

Additionally, Imran Ashraf said that he loves his son Roham deeply and believes in training him with love and respect. He reveals that he responds to each question asked by his son, no matter how small or trivial it may be. As an example, if Roham asked if he could go on a red airplane, Imran Ashraf would not only say yes, but would also make sure to explain his answers. Most importantly, Imran Ashraf emphasizes that expressing love and hugging your kid are incredibly important.

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