How to make electricity from a blanket and how to drive a car without petrol!

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How to make electricity from a blanket and how to drive a car without petrol! Sometimes, a serious topic or problem can be more effectively conveyed to the public when presented with humor and laughter. This approach can help the audience both laugh and feel regret about the situation being discussed.

One such serious topic that is currently being discussed is Pakistan’s economy. The YouTube channel Nashpati Prime recently presented the topic in a humorous way. Mustafa Chaudhry portrayed Pakistan’s former federal finance minister Miftah Ismail, and Murtaza Chaudhry hosted the program.


At the beginning of the program, before the host asked any questions, the Miftah Ismail dummy claimed that he had won an international award for speaking about the economy. However, he explained that the award was given for the best way to speak only the economic word. This award, he joked, proved that Pakistani ministers can only speak about the economy but cannot fix it due to their personal interests.

The program continued with discussions about Pakistan’s financial crisis and bankruptcy. The Miftah Ismail dummy claimed that the Pakistani nation might like the Sri Lankan cricket team more, which is why everyone compares Pakistan’s economic condition to Sri Lanka’s. The dummy also claimed to have brought Pakistan out of its financial crisis through tough decisions. However, it was not clear which Pakistan he was referring to, as the country is still going through its worst economic period.

The Miftah Ismail dummy also made a suggestion about how to address the electricity crisis. He recommended rubbing a blanket in winter to generate energy and create electricity. While this idea may be amusing, it highlights the experimentation that Pakistani politicians and rulers have conducted at the expense of the people. These leaders have asked for sacrifices from the public but have not provided solutions themselves, resulting in the current state of Pakistan.

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