How to get rid of smartphone addiction in 2023

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How to get rid of smartphone addiction in 2023

There are some apps that will help you smart phone addiction (Apps link given bellow). But in this blog we will tell you that how you can spend less time on smartphone. And we’ll learn how to adopt healthy habits for using a smartphone.

So first let’s see the apps

7 Apps to through away Smartphone addiction

  1. Digital Wellbeing
  2. Flipd
  3. AppDetox 
  5. Forest: stay focused
  6. QualityTime
  7. Yukan

Healthy habits for using a smartphone

It is ironic that many of you are probably reading this article on your phones 😊 .Ok so let’s see in what ways you can make healthy habits for using a smartphone.

Make changes in your smartphone settings

Making a few simple changes to your phone settings is a great way to start. Here are some of the most popular suggestions: –

  1. Turn off notifications: This will prevent you from being distracted by notifications from apps and social media. –
  2. Set your screen to black-and-white: This can help reduce your urge to pick up your phone and use it, as it can make your phone seem less attractive.
  3. Remove any apps that are particularly distracting from your home screen: This will reduce the temptation to use them.
  4. Set a longer passcode: This will make it more difficult to unlock your phone when you’re not meaning to use it.
  5. Use airplane mode: This will make it impossible to use your phone as a way to distract yourself.
  6. Turn on do not disturb: This will prevent any notifications from coming in while you are focusing on something else.

These are just some of the simple changes you can make to your phone’s settings. It can be difficult to break the habit of using your phone, but these adjustments can help you take the first step towards reducing your usage.

We are searching for more ideas and If you have also tip or idea in your mind then please share it with us.

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