Full Body Electric Massage Chair Price in Pakistan

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Full Body Electric Massage Chair Price in Pakistan

Yes, it’s true that when you’re tired, you may feel better after a massage. Massage can help reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and promote relaxation. And with the advancement of technology, massage chairs have become a popular solution for people who want to enjoy the benefits of massage in the comfort of their own homes.

Massage chairs are designed to mimic the techniques used by professional massage therapists. They typically use a combination of rollers, airbags, and other mechanisms to provide various types of massage, such as shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, and more. Many massage chairs also come with customizable settings, allowing users to adjust the intensity and type of massage they receive.

While massage chairs can be expensive, they can be a worthwhile investment for those who want to prioritize their health and well-being. Using a massage chair regularly can help reduce stress, improve sleep, and alleviate muscle pain and tension. However, it’s important to note that a massage chair should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment, and individuals with certain medical conditions should consult with their healthcare provider before using a massage chair.

It’s also worth noting that massage chairs can be a significant investment, so it’s important to do your research and read reviews before making a purchase. Additionally, many retailers offer financing options that can help make a massage chair more affordable.

Checkout the following massage chairs, availability and it’s price in Pakistan

BadgeJC Buckman ReviveUs 3D Massage Chair with 12 Auto Programs and Bluetooth Speaker

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PKR: 325,000 approx.

The ReviveUs Massage Chair, created by JC Buckman, is an exceptional 3D massage chair that incorporates L-shaped track technology to extend the coverage of its massage and ease the pain caused by sore muscles and tension in the hamstrings and buttocks. Its advanced 3D rollers mimic the hands of a professional masseuse to provide a highly personalized massage experience. Furthermore, the chair boasts an atmosphere lamp technology that can create a calming and peaceful ambiance, which can improve the user’s mood.

The L-shaped track technology is an excellent feature as it provides extended coverage for the massage, targeting sore muscles and tension in the hamstrings and buttocks. The advanced 3D rollers also add to the personalized massage experience, simulating human hands of a masseuse. This is a great feature as it allows users to customize their massage experience to their preferences.

The atmosphere lamp technology is also a unique feature that enhances the overall experience. By creating a soothing and serene atmosphere, it can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, which can be beneficial for people with a busy lifestyle or those who suffer from anxiety or insomnia.

Overall, the ReviveUs Massage Chair by JC Buckman is an amazing product that provides many benefits to its users. It is great to see advancements in technology that can help people to relax, reduce stress and ease muscle tension.


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PKR: 179,000 approx.

Experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with the iFIT Massage Chair – SUPER5 3D. This imported beauty in black and brown comes equipped with 18 massage rollers, 20 advanced configurations, and 10 automatic programs to give you the perfect massage tailored to your needs.

Thanks to its 3D Zero Gravity mode, full-body airbags, and thigh ringed airbags, you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud while enjoying a fully immersive massage experience. The chair’s AI intelligent voice control allows for hands-free operation, while the LCD large screen panel and Bluetooth music make for an entertaining and engaging experience.

The chair’s hip kneading, flexible foot and leg stretching, and sole 2 stage roller scrapping provide a holistic and soothing massage. Meanwhile, the waist and calf heating function adds an extra layer of comfort and relaxation.

With a high-grade PU leather finish and easy-to-move roller design, this massage chair is both stylish and practical. Plus, the 3C certified special plugs ensure safety and reliability. Treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation and wellness with the iFIT Massage Chair – SUPER5 3D

U-Galaxy Plus Massage Chair

U-Galaxy Plus Massage Chair-favrate.pk
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PKR: 156,999 approx.

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with the U-Galaxy Plus Massage Chair. Designed by Zero Healthcare, this luxurious chair offers 8 hands of master massage, 5 automatic massage modes, and 48 airbags for a full-body massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. With a smart touch tab for easy operation and zero-gravity positioning, this chair provides the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Enjoy a range of massage options, from energy-boosting to sleep-inducing, and let the 35-degree heating foot rollers and airbag massage soothe your tired muscles. Whether you want to unwind after a long day or simply indulge in some self-care, the U-Galaxy Plus Massage Chair is the ultimate way to pamper yourself at home. Plus, with built-in speakers, you can even enjoy your favorite tunes while you relax!

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