Apple Watch Ultra Review: The Newest Version of the Apple Watch Is Here!

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Apple Watch Ultra Review: The newest version of the Apple Watch Is Here! On the new Apple Watch Ultra, LTE connectivity is now included by default! This makes it stand out from other sports and fitness watches that don’t have any cellular option. The Ultra only comes in one 49mm case size, which might be too big for some to wear comfortably.

If you’re looking for a true hybrid smartwatch and sports watch, the Apple Watch Ultra is the one to beat! Its sleek design and powerful features make it perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Apple Watch Ultra Review: The Newest Version of the Apple Watch Is Here!

Apple Watch Ultra Review

There are many reasons to want the Apple Watch Ultra, even if you’re not an endurance athlete. It has a bigger battery, more durable titanium casing and screen that’s twice as bright as the Apple Watch Series 8. Like the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has reserved some key features for the Ultra that set it apart from the rest of the Apple Watch range. There’s a dual-frequency GPS for more accurate tracking, extra microphones for improved voice calls and a customizable Action button to quickly start activities or transition from one leg of triathlon to another.

Apple Watch Ultra Review: The Newest Version of the Apple Watch Is Here!

Pros and Cons

  • Bright, big screen
  • The Action button is amazing
  • Dual-band GPS is much more accurate than watches from the past.
  • The longest battery longevity on any Apple Watch
  • Too big for some wrists
  • Recovery metrics that are limited
  • No offline mapping natively available
  • Optimizing the runtime of 60-hour batteries is not available at this time.

The Apple Watch Ultra is Bigger, Bolder And Has A New Design

The Ultra is the newest, most powerful Apple Watch. It’s got all the features you love, just bigger and better. The side button has its housing that protrudes from the case, making it easier to control. The digital crown has deeper ridges, making it easier to control if your fingers are sweaty, dusty or wearing gloves.

The Ultra is large and heavy, but it’s also very light, thanks to its titanium construction. Even with the smallest watch strap, I could get a snug and comfortable fit.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all design. The Apple Watch Ultra will likely overwhelm smaller wrists. I think the buyer would have loved to see a smaller case option. The Ultra’s battery life is great for tracking sleep, but it’s too big to wear to bed. The Ultra Watch isn’t the most comfortable watch to wear for sleep tracking, especially for side sleepers.

The 49mm case makes this the biggest Apple Watch, though the active area on display is only a hair bigger than the 45mm Series 8. So rather than a bigger screen, you’re choosing the Ultra over the Series 8 for the extra protection you get from the titanium casing’s raised edges. The screen also has flat edges, which some might prefer over the slightly curved screen on Apple’s other watches.

Plenty of Ways to Use the New Apple Watch’S Action Button

You can’t overlook this bright, orange Action button on the left side of the Apple Watch Ultra. It sits flush with the case and has an indentation that helps you feel it under your thumb. Next to the larger capacity battery, it’s going to be hard to go back to an Apple Watch Series without one.

With the Ultra, you don’t have to deal with complications to get your workout done. The Action button is far more customizable and easier to use, plus it changes depending on context.

From the settings, you can customize the button from the Settings menu to do things like adding a waypoint, launch the stopwatch, h open the flashlight app, or instantly start one of your regular workouts.

You can mark a segment if you’re running outdoors and press the Action button again. You can also pause a workout by pinching the side and action buttons together. The same pinch combo resumes your workout, so there’s no need to swipe to the right on the screen to stop and start (although you still need to swipe to end a workout). The button can also transition from one leg of the race to another if you’re participating in a duathlon or triathlon.Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 8.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Series 8

No surprise that the new Apple Watch Ultra brings the most changes and improvements to Apple’s wearable lineup. However, the new pro model may be overkill for many. If you’re considering upgrading from an older Apple Watch, the Series 8 gets you a larger display, always-on screen, faster charging, and all of the latest and greatest health features.

Another difference between the Apple Watch Series 8 and the SE 2nd generation is that the former doesn’t come with the U1 ultra wideband chip.

The new Apple Watch Ultra comes with the biggest case and display yet from Apple, with 49mm for the former and a 410 x 502 resolution display that offers 1164 sq mm – 27% bigger than the display on Series 4-6/SE.

The Apple Watch Series 8 continues with sizes as the previous Series 7. The 45 and 41-mm cases are still available, and the display is 20% larger than on the Series 4-6/SE. This is 50% larger than the display on the Series 3.

People who are interested in using the Apple Watch Series 8 for sleep tracking, they’ll also get 8 hours of use from just an 8-minute charge.

Price Comparison

Apple Watch Ultra starts from $799 (Apple, Amazon)

Apple Watch Series 8 starts from $399/$429 (Apple, Amazon)

Short Story

The Apple Watch Ultra is a new, more powerful version of the Apple Watch that includes LTE connectivity. It is sleek and powerful, with a bright and big screen, and dual-band GPS. It also has the longest battery life of any Apple Watch. However, it is too big for some wrists, and recovery metrics are limited.

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