ٓWill Argentina Messi’s image be on the Argentine Peso?

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ٓWill Argentina Messi’s image be on the Argentine Peso?

Argentina’s Central Bank intends to commemorate the nation’s World Cup victory in Qatar by featuring Lionel Messi’s image on a 1000 banknote.

Surprisingly Argentina’s historic World Cup victory since 1986 in Mexico, with the talismanic Lionel Messi at the helm. Speculation has been rife that, Argentine will release a new 1,000 peso bill featuring Messi’s face to celebrate this victory.

The newspaper reported that the Central Bank of Argentina are enthusiastic to celebrate the national team’s remarkable victory in Qatar. Additionally, The Bank have been coming up with plans since before the extraordinary 4-2 penalty kick victory in the final.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, Argentina captain is one of the world’s most popular athletes. Who played a key role in Argentina’s victory in the FIFA World Cup 2022 final. He helped Argentina lift the World Cup title after 36 years by scoring a brace.

Argentine Central Bank

You might be thinking that Members of the Argentine Central Bank might have proposed this banknote ‘in jest’. Whereas the most enthusiastic directors, such as Lisandro Cleri (a fervent supporter of Boca Juniors) and Eduardo Hecker (a follower of Independiente), agreed that a banknote with this design would awaken the spirit of Argentines.

It has been reported that the Argentine currency will feature Lionel Messi’s image on one side and “La Scaloneta” (the team’s nickname) on the other. Additionally,the Central Bank is following the tradition of issuing commemorative coins after Argentina’s first World Cup win in 1978. The 1,000 peso note is creating much excitement among fans. And its mock-ups have become a viral sensation.

Millions of adoring fans filled the streets of Buenos Aires as Lionel Messi and his Argentina team-mates returned home after winning the World Cup. This historic victory, the first for Argentina in 36 years, has made Messi a national hero.

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News: ٓWill Argentina Messi’s image be on the Argentine Peso?

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